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Vehicle Inventory System Design & Development

Concord, CA (2007 - 2008) — Dealer Fusion, Inc

Headquartered in Concord, California, Dealer Fusion is an auto dealership solutions consultancy that specializes in online solutions such as proprietary full-featured software that delivers comprehensive inventory and lead management functionality to its dealership clients.

While at Dealer Fusion, I served as a lead front end designer and assistant developer on projects for our client-side vehicle inventory and lead management web site. This included a full-scale redesign of a pre-existing site where new features were introduced and older features were fine tuned for usability.This site featured an inventory manager, inventory item editor, sales lead tracker & manager and sales & lead data reporting. Site was created using a YUI toolkit, Zend framework, and PHP-JSON integration with a MySQL database. The end result was a fully redesigned and redeveloped UI experience for Dealer Fusion clients that simplified their inventory management and increased web app efficiency.

Technology: XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, YUI, Photoshop, PHP, Concept & Design, Creative Control & Input

Front End Development - Craigslist.org Vehicle Listings

Concord, CA (2007 - 2008) — Dealer Fusion, Inc

This project presented a special challenge as Craigslist restricts certain tags from being used in their classified ads due to misuse by hackers. Dealer Fusion wanted to present its clients with the option of having custom designed Craigslist ads that had the layout and design elements of their own personalized web content.

Fifty separate CSS and XHTML-based templates were designed for this project . Each one compliant with the code restrictions of Criagslist and unique in its presentation of the individual dealership's vehicles.

Technology: XHTML, CSS, Concept & Design

Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising - Game Development Wiki UI Redesign

San Francisco, CA (2006) — Perpetual Entertainment, Inc.

I was tasked with the UI design of the Gods & Heroes (G&H) internal wiki that was used by the game's quest designers, writers, game developers and producers. Using elements of game UI and assets delivered by the G&H art team, I created a color-coded wiki that allowed users from one team to easily navigate through information relative to their part of the project, while still granting access to less pertinent data.

For example: game level designers could easily locate individual game quest pieces while still being able to view the art department's rendering of an in-game monster. This aided the seamless sharing of game creation data between departments without confusing the individual user.

(NOTE: Screen shots unavailable due to NDA with Perpetual Entertainment, Inc.)

Technology: XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MovableType, Concept & Design, Creative Control & Input

OTR GLOBAL - Webmaster/Web Design for Internal and External Sites

San Francisco, CA (2002-2006) — OTR Global

OTR Global provides their clients with unbiased market research on publicly held companies across the globe. OTR Global's online presence carry's quite a large footprint. This includes 2 external web sites; one used for public relations and another for explaining OTR Global's role to reporting sources. There were 2 internal web sites as well; one human resources site and a site used by paying OTR Global clients to retrieve their reports and manage their accounts.

Technology: . Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Fireworks, PC Anywhere,  F-Secure SSH, XHTML, XML, DHTML, UNIX, WebMacro

Frontside Research - Webmaster, Web Designer, Content Management

San Francisco, CA (2005) — OTR Global

A complete ground-up site design and production for OTR Global's new product, a banking and housing industry blog entitled "Frontside Research". This site presented a challenge as it was my first introduction to MovableType & wiki formats. I was given approximately 6 weeks to learn the software, customize the JavaScript and Perl scripts, design and publish the site.

Technology: XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, Perl, MySQL, MovableType, Concept & Design, Creative Control & Input